2010-02-22 / 20:59:28

Popcon Performer


Justin covered ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Something’ by Michael Jackson @ POPCON on Saturday night. Justin chatted with OK!

How do you feel about being compared to Justin Timberlake? He’s an icon. He’s very musical. But I’m my own person. Ever get embarrassing love letters from your fans? Not really. They’re all great.

Do you hang at the mall? I go to Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta a lot. I just kind of cruise through. I also like Foot Locker and Journeys (shoe store). You turn 16 on March 1. Getting ready to drive?

I’ve been driving for three months now? Dream car? I want a Range Rover for my first car. You have amazing hair. How do you style it? Me? I don’t style my hair. It just kind of does it.

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