2014-06-12 / 00:21:28

Nya bilder på Justin

rebelo: Fun Birthday Weekend with @jeremybieber @justinbieber #muskoka #outforarip

khalil: Anyone that gets to know this guy personally, understands how much of a kind hearted & forgiving person he really is. Through all the ups & downs he’s still managed to keep spreading love & positivity…”Never Say Never”, “Believe”… Glad to be apart of this journey with you, Nobody can stop what god has already planned for us. love you bro @justinbieber
scooterbraun: Music heals @justinbieber
alfredoflores: @DanKanter, remember that one time we met Wolverine? #HappyBirthdayDan
sammy: This shot explains why @poobear is the only person that didn’t get destroyed by mosquito bites this past weekend 😑 (via @shots)
jeremybieber: Love
wilsonwarren: Hey you guyzzzzz @madisonbeer @justinbieber
@yeshuathegudwin: These 2 wrote a beautiful one last night! @codysimpson @justinbieber

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