2014-06-16 / 19:01:21

Nya bilder pÄ Justin

igorzag: I got that Justin Beiber please believe me
missparistokyo: So the beib stopped by @playhousehw last night and was a fan of my dancing 👏 he wanted a pic jk @igorzag snapped a pic for me @playhousebettys #soldoutsaturdays #fwbsaturdays

@etalkCTV: .@Tanya_Kim calls @JustinBieber her favourite #MMVA performer! Do you agree? Tweet us @etalkCTV! #etalkMMVAs
etalkctv: An overwhelming amount of you tweeted @JustinBieber as your FAVOURITE #MMVA performer! RT if you agree! #etalkMMVAs http://t.co/8TvLqQcX3n
@AlfredoFlores: @justinbieber 5 years in a row. CANT STOP WONT STOP! Let’s gooooo! #MMVAS2014
johnny: â˜ș 😝 (via @shots)

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